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What Is A Bong: Definition, Smoking, Types, Parts, Sizes and More

Cannabis is a widely used recreational herb known for its many medicinal value. In the medical world people often consume can to get rid of stress, fight epilepsy, and in many vases cure cancer completely. Aside from its medical benefits, can is also used get lighter state of mind and also deal. With insomnia.  Many young consumers in the modern world have found many different ways to consume this recreational herb. Some of the most popular ways to consume this herb is the age old classic method of rolling a joint. Another widely popular way to consume cannabis is to smoke it through mini accessories such as pipes. One of the most popular ways to consume in the modern era is bongs. You can buy bongs Canada easily anywhere online or any convenient grocery mart!

What are bongs: Definition and Smoking?

Bongs are essentially a filtration device that is used to consume tobacco or cannabis. It looks almost in the shape of a hookah or shisha except for the fact that it is easily portable anywhere.

The actual meaning of the term bong comes from Thai word “Baung” (pronounced bah-owng)- a cylindrical smoking tube made of bamboo or wood.

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How-To Smoke A Bong: Step By Step( The 8 easy steps)

1. Water Level & Temperature
2. Downstem
3. Ice (optional)
4. Crush the Herbs & Pack A Bowl
5. Light Bowl & Inhale
6. Smoke Will Fill The Tube
7. Pull Out Bowl
8. Finish Inhaling Smoke

Types Of Bongs

The shape and size of the  bong directly affects your overall smoking experience in many different ways. The Different type of bongs different drag experience(the resistance level of inhaling) which results in a different type of smoking hit.  Bongs are described and are known to be broken down into many styles: “Style”, Tube type, base type, height and percolators. You can also buy bongs Canada customised in different colours and with cool accessories.

Beaker Bong, 12″ Straight Tube Fritted Perc Bong, 18″ Honeycomb Beaker Bong, Classic 12″

Straight Tube (Classic)                                           Angled (Modern)

Inverted Neck                                                                               Base (The Bottom)

Buy them Online!

Bongs are easily availaible not only in many conevnitiet stores around you. But you can also easily buy them onine! There are many shops/website onine wehre you can buy bongs in Canada and get them deliveeed at your doorstep within few days or weeks.

You can try all the smoking conveniently now! Try the many different of bongs and feel a different kind of smoking experience everytime!

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