Dec 12

Perks of using Thermal binding

Thermal binding is also known as the perfect binding because it is one of the most preferred and elegant ways of making your books look more professional. Yearbook, portfolios and family books for photos are bound using hard and soft covers and thermal binding is one of the most common binding ways. This thermal binding allows you to get longevity as well.

thermal binding

Thermal binding can also bring some downside like when you are missing out any page which needs to be in the binding so removing and adding pages into the thermal binding can also be quite difficult. One needs to have proper knowledge related to the temperature and the cycles for performing the procedure.


How to add or remove pages:

  • If you want to add or remove any pages, then you will be needing the machine for thermal binding. You will have to use it for melting the adhesive and then perform the required action and then you can again remelt it for binding the book again.
  • Make sure you are going through the manual of the binding machine because the different machine works in a different manner. In several machines, you will have to go through the warm-up cycle before performing the binding of the document.

thermal bindings

  • After the machine is getting heated you will have to place the book in the spine down position. After picking the right temperature and cycle you will have to let the machine do the entire work.
  • When you will be trying to remove the pages from the document you will have to open the document and give a very light tug on those pages. They will easily slide out and after that, you can close the book again.
  • When you will be adding pages you will have to open the book and check the places where you will need to add more. Then you will have to take those extra pages and insert it properly. Now you will have to flip the book cover then tap on the pages lightly against the hard surface for aligning them. After running the proper cycle again the book will be ready.
  • With the help of a thermal binding machine, it also gets very easy to repair the damaged books. When it comes to repairing the damage books make sure you are removing the extra adhesive very carefully. If you are unable to remove the adhesive from the pages properly then you will have to use sharp blade or knife to do the work delicately.

binding thermal

When the thermal machine is getting heated you should grab the blue stripes and put it on the book’s pages by laying it in the position of top to down and by using the scissors you will have to trim this blue strips. There are several more ways of binding your book which you can try depending on the longevity and the expense. If you are doing it all by yourself make sure you are following all the manual instructions properly otherwise the entire book can get ruined.

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