What is the 2015 Games Trip Planner?

The 2015 Games Trip Planner is the travel information source providing real-time traffic information for spectators and residents in Ontario during the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games.

How do I use the trip planner?

Routes can be planned in a number of ways:

  • Using the Route Planner:
    • Enter the start location (or use your GPS starting point) into box (A).
    • Enter the destination location in box B. In addition to addresses users can enter Pan Am/Parapan Am Games venues, or the venue 3 letter code.
    • Click on the ‘Drive’ or ‘Transit’ button.
  • Using the Map:
    • Right click on your desired start or end point on the map.
    • Select the road name and direction of travel from the list of roads shown.
    • Select whether you are going ‘From here’ or ‘To here’. ‘From here’ automatically populates box A (origin). ‘To here’ automatically populates box B (destination).
    • Repeat steps 1-3 for the location you are starting or ending at.
    • Click on the ‘Drive’ or ‘Transit’ button.
  • Travelling to a TORONTO2015 Games Venue:
    • Click on the Map Legend, located on the right side of the map, and ensure that Toronto 2015 Venues is selected.
    • Using the map, click on the venue icon that you are travelling to.
    • Select ‘Directions to Venue’. The venue will automatically populate box B (destination) on the route planner.
    • Enter the starting point into box A.
    • Click on the ‘Drive’ or ‘Transit’ button.

What roads are covered by the system?

Information is provided for all provincial and municipal roads in Ontario.

What kind of traffic information is available?

A map with colour-coded traffic speeds allows users to see where traffic is moving slowly. Users can also see road closures, incidents, construction and poor road conditions. Users can also select to view live cameras along the roadway to see a snapshot of current road conditions and the temporary HOV lane configuration.

How often is information updated?

Information is updated every minute.

How does the information on this site differ from other sites or radio and television?

The 2015 Games Trip Planner can be used in addition to the existing sources of travel information. Users can expect to receive more detailed, current and route-specific traffic information, taking into account the temporary traffic measures related to the Games.

The map also identifies the temporary HOV lanes, which will be in effect from June 29 – August 18.

Is there a way I can get notified when an alert occurs?

Yes! Sign up on the My Routes tab to get information about major incidents affecting transportation on your customized routes. You can choose to receive e-mail or cell phone text messages in near real time with information about an incident’s location, nature, severity and the travel time along your route. Alerts will be updated during the course of an incident, as necessary.